Fortitude Connects Top-Tier Performers with Top-Tier Companies

With so many job boards, online forums, meet-ups, and other hiring platforms out there, finding the right job can be daunting. If you put your resume online, there is no doubt that you’ll be hounded by countless recruiting firms pitching you the “perfect job.”  Typically, the job pitched turns out to be completely wrong for you. This happens so often, in fact, that we have had people referred to us who need a new job, but are concerned about getting too many wrong hits on their resume.

This is why Fortitude strives to completely revolutionize the hiring, offer, and on-boarding processes for job seekers. We don’t just place you, we make sure we find you the best opportunity.  

With thousands of jobs out there, how do you find the right one?

Fortitude spends an endless amount of time, effort, money, and other resources creating long-standing partnerships with our clients. The only way we can get the best talent is by finding them the right career-driven opportunity. This makes us very picky when choosing companies to work with. Fortitude Account Executives do a great job of working hand-in-hand with our clients to gain insight into the organization’s culture, mission, and values, so that they can match the top performers within those variables. 

Our mission is not limited to just placing someone in a job. Instead, we put a person into a role that will grow into a professional career – aligning with their goals both professionally and personally. 

Fortitude does more than match individuals to common jobs. We find the best talent and the best opportunity, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Our business lives and thrives off of referrals – friends, family, former colleagues, and everyone in between. Fortitude builds a loyal network of job seekers who trust our organization to find them the right opportunities, hassle free. There are a multitude of reasons why we are picky when choosing our clientele, but among the most important, is that referrals make up the foundation of our business. We want to put our candidates in the best positions for long term success. This mindset extends to the network of people we are introduced to, and have the opportunity of partnering with, along the way. 

Fortitude’s full lifecycle interview process allows job seekers to find the best opportunities in the easiest, most efficient way. Let Fortitude help you make your next career move now!


We build for success.

We do much more than provide people. We provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate a dynamic culture.

We know tech.

We enable clients to boost production, build their business, deliver services and win projects.

We look for Win-Win-Win.

We match the right person with the right company. Not a skill set to a job description. The client wins. The employee wins. We win.


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