With Fortitude, you get far more than a traditional staffing vendor.

You’re getting a partner that will ensure you bring the right talent into your organization and help you become a better business. We know your team and your needs in order to ensure you get a custom fit that is best for you. With the emergence of technology though, and more specifically the internet, there has been a huge shift in the way people find jobs, and how employers hire tech talent.

The average time that a tech candidate is on the market after posting his or her resume

The percent of American workers who leave their job after six months

The amount of American workers who consider themselves disengaged from their work

Internet accessibility has provided a multitude of outlets for prospective employees to job search, and has thus exposed major deficiencies in common hiring processes. So what can you do about it?

Say Hello to Your H/O/O Friend

Fortitude has researched the ins and outs of hiring deficiencies in order to finesse the way in which we align top candidates with employers. We call our system “H/O/O,” which stands for Hiring/Offering/Onboarding. The best part being that it is totally customizable to our clients.

  • What H/O/O process does your company have to help counter the hiring issues of today?  
  • What interviewing and onboarding process do you have to ensure you can contend with the 3-10 day time crunch?  
  • How daunting is resume vetting and how does it affect your H/O/O timeline?
  • How does your company tackle the looming issue of retention?  
  • Is tenure at your company more attractive than that of your competitors?  
  • What milestones are in place to stimulate your prospective candidates as they tackle challenges in a new workplace?  
  • Is mentorship and upward mobility taken into consideration as you write up job specifications?  

These are just a handful of thousands of questions to consider as you approach the hiring process.  

When partnering with Fortitude, expect a consultative, yet accountable approach that is geared to hiring the top 25% of the talent pool. Culture, quality, cost, and speed, among many other considerations, go into creating each unique hiring and (more importantly) retaining program we design for our clients.

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships

Fortitude has created a model completely built around relationships and referrals, both of which are cultivated by Fortitude Account Executives. An Account Executive at Fortitude is trained and educated on both successful and flawed H/O/O processes in order to maximize their success. It is imperative that the hiring managers and the Account Executives have the same mindset as they approach the H/O/O process. Fortitude uses this approach universally among our clients and when hiring within our own company to drive maximum results.

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We build for success.

We do much more than provide people. We provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate a dynamic culture.

We know tech.

We enable clients to boost production, build their business, deliver services and win projects.

We look for Win-Win-Win.

We match the right person with the right company. Not a skill set to a job description. The client wins. The employee wins. We win.


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